Re-opening is beginning

The pandemic has been a long and difficult time for everyone, but now there's some light at the end of the tunnel. Step 3 of Ontario’s reopening plan began on July 16.

However, it's not quite over: Residents still need to wear masks in common areas, not have more than two people at once in an elevator (except for family groups), and continue to take COVD precautions. Variants still pose a threat and the restrictions are being relaxed, but not lifted completely. PCC 110 will continue to follow public health direction in re-opening our amenities, and will also ensure that our spaces are clean, safe and compliant before we reopen them.

Here's the situation in our building as of July 16, 2021:

Gym (Cardio Room and Weight Room)

  • Open at 50% capacity

  • Cardio room: max. 5 users at one time

  • Weight room: max. 2 users at one time

  • Social distancing is mandatory

  • Masks are required to be worn throughout the gym *except* when the user is actually working out

How to access Cardio Room and Weight Room

  • PCC 110 residents will have fob access on Friday July 16

  • Every user must complete a COVID-19 Screening Form before each use. This is for contact tracing.

  • To do this, go to the 1515 or 1535 entrances to the Rec. Centre where you will find the forms and a locked drop box. Bring your own pen.

Tennis Court

  • Open; social distancing and sanitization recommended.

Squash Court

  • The Squash Court was painted on Monday

  • Due to the humidity, it will remain closed until approximately the middle of next week to ensure the paint fully cures

Pool, Changing Rooms

  • During the pandemic it was discovered that there was significant deterioration of the concrete in the pool area and this posed a health and safety issue

  • The problems are currently being investigated

  • Closed until further notice

Laundry Room, Hobby Room

  • These will not be reopening yet because the Laundry Room is undergoing repairs due to a mold problem.

  • When they re-open, there will be limitations for health and safety reasons.

  • We will provide more information closer to the time of re-opening.

Party Room, Kitchen, Games Room

  • At the moment, the Party Room is being used to store the belongings of residents who had to temporarily clear out their storage lockers in the Laundry Room while the repairs mentioned above are in progress.

  • The Party Room, Kitchen, and Games Room will not be able to re-open until all the residents' belongings are back in their lockers.

  • When they re-open, there will be limitations for health and safety reasons.

  • We will provide more information closer to the time of re-opening.

Guest Room and Guest Suite

  • We are waiting for government guidance.

  • When these rooms re-open, there will be limitations for health and safety reasons.

  • We will provide more information closer to the time of re-opening.

Book Hub

  • This popular haven for owls, bibliophiles and lovers of stories young and old is planned to re-open in the week of July 19.

  • There will be limitations for health and safety.

  • Watch for signs in the lobby.

What's Open and What's Closed in PCC 110

Ontario and Mississauga will reopen in a gradual and staged approach. Not all regions will be in the same stage at the same time.

PCC 110 will be following the guidance of provincial and local health authorities regarding reopening in and around our building. And it won't always go back to the same old, same old! In some areas, there will be new regulations for health and safety (for example, more sanitation), and we'll need to put measures in place to adhere to the new requirements.

Here's the latest for our building:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the rest of the building's amenities reopen?

That depends on the decisions of the provincial and local health authorities, whose directions we're following. In some cases, we also have to put measures in place to adhere to new rules and guidelines.

How can I get some exercise with the Rec. Centre closed?

Did you know that you can walk for 1 km around our grounds? See the Grounds page for more information.

Information about recreational spaces from the City of Mississauga is here.

Are there any local pools that are open?

This may change frequently depending on the circumstances. Here are some links you can check:

How many people can I gather with?

See the Gatherings page.

Can I continue my renovations?

Yes, but all personnel onsite need to take reasonable precautions and wear PPE (personal protective equipment). Contractors should not be in public areas more than absolutely necessary.

What about service and delivery people coming onsite?

All non-residents coming onsite should wear gloves and non-medical masks.

Where can I find out more about the reopening?

Information from the Ontario government is here.

Information from the City of Mississauga is here.