The Condominium Act assigns the responsibility of administering a condominium corporation to the condominium’s Board of Directors (the “Board”). Directors are usually comprised of owners or residents of condominium units.

Board members are faced with difficult tasks. They have to run an organization with sometimes millions of dollars of common elements/assets with little or no training. They are expected to understand and comply with complex legislation. The directors are usually owners or residents.

Most member when first joining a board usually they have no experience or specific training respecting condominiums. To compensate for that the Condominium Authority of Ontario (the “CAO”) designates training courses that are published on its website. Directors appointed or elected to a Board must complete the courses within six months of being appointed to the Board, unless they have completed the courses within the previous seven years.

To help the Board, most condominiums hire a Property Management company to look after the day-to-day operations of the condominium. This action, however, does not re-move the responsibility from the board of directors.

Board members are generally elected by the condominium owners at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Occasionally a member will be appointed to fill a position that has been vacated but must run for election at the next AGM if they wish to remain a member.

If you think you might like to serve as a Director on the Board, please click here for more information

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