BBQ Tips

Refreshed Picnic Area for Your Outdoor Feast

Planning a BBQ/picnic?

BBQs are a lot of fun but can be dangerous if not properly planned. Make sure you have the following tools and always be aware of what is going on!

Here are some planning tips! Keep safe!

'Cue kings and queens, here's how to use them and keep them clean for all residents to enjoy


  • Dispose of previously used cool ashes in nearby receptacle--which is only for coals

  • Clean grille with metal brush

  • Use proper amount of charcoal (do not overload)

  • Aluminum foil on the grille for cooking is recommended


  • Clean grille with metal brush

  • Clean any areas your hands may have touched with Lysol wipes

  • Leave hot embers to cool (next person will dispose of the cool ashes)

  • Take all trash with you and leave the BBQ area clear of litter

BBQ Safety Tools

  • When you're moving the last user's cold coals to the receptacle: small shovel and whisk broom (to move the coals), clean metal can or newspaper (to hold the coals)

  • A metal brush to clean the grille

  • Charcoal (preferably lump, not briquettes), ecological starter + matches.

  • BBQ grilling cooking gloves – for 932°F

  • Aluminium foil

  • BBQ grilling tools set: stainless steel spatula, locking tongs and forks

  • Lysol wipes to clean surfaces you may have touched,

  • Plastic garbage bags for any disposable waste

  • Other options you may want to consider for cooking: apron and dish towels, skewers for kabobs, basting brush, BBQ grilling basket (for vegetables)

In consideration of others, please limit your time to 2 hours at a barbecue and/or table.

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 During Outdoor Activities

Remember, with shared property comes shared responsibility. COVID-19 is still a threat and we all need to take precautions.


A Picnic Area Everyone Will Enjoy

Both picnic areas, in 1515 (our sister building) and 1535, are accessible.

  • On the 1515 side, the grade level access of the two new tables adds to accessibility

  • On the 1535 side, there is a natural ramp with a slope down to the area, beside the white wall

In these areas, the new picnic tables will be accessible. They work for baby strollers, walkers with a fold down seat, or a personal lawn chair.