May 2021 Town Hall
Pre-meeting information

Town Hall Meeting - Thursday, May 27

Join us to hear about:

  • Plans for the building

  • Recreation Centre update (including pool)

  • New ways you can get involved with your building

  • Answers to your questions

  • our new Superintendent!

Due to COVID restrictions, this will be a Zoom video webinar, with the option to telephone in for those who do not have Zoom.

(Note: the Provincial Government has extended the time period in which condominiums may legally hold meetings virtually until December 31, 2021. Details at

When: Thursday, May 27, 6:30-9:00 pm

In order to capture all comments and any questions we don’t have time for during the meeting (and will address later in a newsletter), the webinar will be recorded.

Participate by phone or online

To participate by phone

  • You can use a landline with touch-tone buttons or a mobile phone or a smartphone.

  • Dial 647.558.0588 or 647.374.4685

  • You will be asked to enter the Meeting ID or Webinar ID: 845 0294 7335, followed by #

  • If you are early, you will be asked to press # to wait.

  • If you are asked to enter your unique participant ID, press # to skip.

  • Please note: participation in Zoom meetings by phone does not offer all the features that participation using a desktop computer would.

  • To participate online

  • For the best experience, download and install the Zoom Client ahead of time at .

  • Email by 10 pm on Wednesday, May 26 to receive an emailed invitation with the link to the webinar.

  • When you click the link to join, you will be asked to enter your name and email address, similarly to below:

If you're new to Zoom

Please keep in mind that Zoom is constantly being updated, so some details in any video may be out of date. We recommend watching several videos to get a balanced idea.

Zoom Q & A

For online users, we will be trialing the Zoom Webinar Q&A function. How it works:

(1) To type in a question, click the "Q&A" button in the black menu bar in the lower part of your screen:

A "Q & A" window will appear. It will look similar to the below:

(2) Type your question in the box (circled in pink below.)

The Q & A window on an iPhone

(3) Click the arrow or the "Send" button, or press Enter to send your question. (This depends on your operating system and/or browser).

No-one else will see your question until it has been answered.

A panelist will be fielding the questions

Panelists will answer as time permits.

All questions will be saved, to be answered in a print newsletter as well.