C O M M I T T E E S & G R O U P S

Get involved in shaping your home by joining a committee. You'll have fun and make new friends.

The Book Hub

The Book Hub team keeps the Library in good order and organizes the Coffee Hour.

Read more about the Library here (scroll down) and about Coffee Hour here.

For more information about the Book Hub team, contact Virginia.

Garden Committee

We all can thank the Garden Committee for the beautiful displays of summer greenery in the centre of our driveway and by the back entrance and the visitor parking lot, for the seasonal decorations in our lobby, for the welcoming plants in our entry area, and for more natural beauty all the time!

The Committee is looking for volunteers: no gardening experience necessary, and it's a great way to get out in the fresh air. Read more here (scroll down to the "Volunteers" section).

More information about the Garden Committee is in their monthly newsletter here.

The following committees have recently been formed:


Committee chair: Milovan Bozovic

Smart Building
Committee chair: Max Kosc


Committee chair: Didi Radcliffe

Garden Committee

Committee chair: Virginia Tencate

Owner Engagement

Committee chair: Alan Gollom

CFRC Volunteers

Committee chair: Didi Radcliffe

Financial Advisory Committee

Committee chair: TBD

Communication Committee

Committee chair: Alan Gollom

To Join as a Volunteer or Find Out More

Please click this link to access the Volunteer Application form. After it has been received you will be contacted shortly thereafter. Thank you for contributing your time and talents to our shared home.

...more to come!...

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