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The outside parking lot at the rear of our building is designated as VISITOR PARKING. Permits allowing GUESTS to park overnight must be obtained IN ADVANCE from the Management office or the superintendent on duty and should be plainly displayed inside the front dash of your vehicle. Vehicles illegally parked will be ticketed and/or towed at vehicle owner's expense. No commercial vehicles may park overnight.


Along with possession of your unit, you also have exclusive use of designated parking space(s) on either of the two underground levels. In case of doubt or a dispute over the location of your space, please check with the Management Office. Electronic remote door openers may be purchased through the Management Office.

As a general rule, vehicles entering the garage take precedence over those leaving, but consideration on the part of both drivers is always the rule! We also urge you to switch on your headlights whenever you are driving in the garage - whether leaving or entering.

There are four clearly marked emergency staircases leading from each garage level. We advise you to make yourself familiar with their locations. No storage is allowed in the garage areas.


There is a coin-operated laundry room on the B1 level. Hours of operation are posted on the door.


There are a limited number of storage lockers available to unit owners. They are located on the garage levels and at most times are fully taken. However, if you would like a locker, please leave your name at the Management Office and you will be notified when a locker becomes available.


A limited number of bicycle racks are available in the B1 level of the garage. Please register with the Management Office and you will be notified when a rack becomes available.


The balconies are common areas for your exclusive use. They are not to be used as storage areas. Nothing will be placed on balcony ledges. Flower pots and planters are permitted provided they are properly secured well within the confines of the balcony. Hanging plants must be at least 1 metre from the outside edge of the balcony ceiling.

The drain hole spigots on the floor level of the balcony are for RAIN WATER overflow ONLY and should be checked regularly to make sure they are not blocked. It is advisable to plug these spigots during winter months to prevent icicles from forming.

No barbecuing of any kind is permitted as per the City of Mississauga by-law.


A cold water tap is provided in the north east corner of the visitor parking lot for your convenience. This is usually available from May (as soon as any danger of frost is over) until the autumn.

See also: Amenities



On each floor, there is a garbage chute. Place your garbage in a plastic bag and tie up the bag so the chutes stay clean. PLEASE USE THE CHUTE AND DO NOT LEAVE WASTE OF ANY KIND ON THE FLOORS. Also, please ensure that your garbage actually goes down the chute. In consideration of fellow residents please DO NOT use the chutes between the hours of 11 P.M. to 6 A.M.

Organic waste should be treated as part of your regular garbage.


Recyclables (including newspapers, cans, glass and plastics) should be deposited in the two large bins in the Moving Room (on the main floor, at the back of the building).

What can be recycled? See the latest information from Peel Region here.

There's also a smaller bin especially for corrugated cardboard (cardboard that has more than one layer). Please dismantle and flatten your corrugated cardboard cartons and boxes so they take up less room.

Bulky Garbage (dry only)

At the rear of the building, on the east end of the parking lot, are two large garbage dumpsters. These are primarily for large, bulky garbage items which cannot be easily accommodated in the chutes. Please deposit such items in the dumpsters rather than block the garbage chutes. Whenever possible, please dismantle the items before placing them into the dumpster.

For larger items (washers, refrigerators, etc.) contact the staff to arrange appropriate disposal instructions. A charge may be applied by the Region of Peel.

Household Hazardous Waste and Reusable Items

Peel Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) are disposal centres for recyclable/reusable items and household hazardous waste. Find out the details here.

Peel Region Waste Management

More questions? Get the whole picture here.


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