Considering serving as a Director?

As a Director, you volunteer to serve your community to the best of your ability. It's an unpaid position and in recent months, the time commitment has ranged from 4 hours per week to over 10 hours per week.

This involves not only meetings, but also planning and implementing projects which keep us in compliance with regulations and make PCC 110 a better place to live for everyone. 

Directors rely on the advice of engineering, legal and accounting experts. They work closely with the property manager and our property management firm, Nadlan-Harris.

If you are considering standing for election to the Board:

(1) Please start by reading the following to understand more about what's involved:

  • Directors' Disclosure and Training Obligations (available here)

  • Condo Director Responsibilities (available here)

  • Directors' Code of Ethics (available here)

(2) Make sure you meet the director qualifications (available here)

(3) As per the Condo Act, you must provide the Board/Management with:

  • name

  • unit number

  • a short paragraph about yourself and why you wish to be elected to the Board

  • Nomination Form (available here)

  • Candidate Disclosure Form (available here)

Your submission will required in writing by a specific date before each year's Annual General Meeting (AGM). Application deadlines will be provided in the information package sent to owners before the AGM.

If you have any questions, please contact Property Management at

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