Construction Updates

Ramp and roof slab repairs as at July 13, 2020

Starting on Tuesday July 14, Horizon Connect Construction will be onsite to do some repairs.

They're replacing the cables in the heat tracing system in the ramp leading down to the garage and repairing the nearby ramp slab and roof slab.

While this is in progress, access to our visitor parking lot behind the building and to the P1 level of the garage will be via one lane of traffic only. A traffic light will be installed to control entering and exiting. Please obey the traffic light to prevent any accidents.

Any line painting, overburden materials or finishes that get removed for the repairs will be reinstated to pre-work condition. This work is expected to last for at least four or five weeks.

The photo below shows the location of the work.

Garage update as at June 23, 2020

Ramp Repairs

These should be completed in about 4 weeks.

In the meantime, the entrance to B2 parking is tight. Here's what we're doing to alleviate this:

  • Workers have removed some materials to make a bit more space.

  • We're arranging with our sister building, PCC 170, to provide access to B2 through their usual route. This will require temporary card access and signage. We'll provide more information when it's closer to completion.

B1 Parking

If you have an assigned parking spot on the B1 level, you should now move back from visitor parking to your regular spot. There are a few exceptions to this (where work is still being done) so check your spot first.

Bicycle Rack

If you have an assigned spot in the bicycle rack in the garage, you can now move your bike back. (To get your bike out of the temporary storage room, call Hector (416-829-7671) and he'll arrange with Ernesto to help you.)

North Garage Restoration update as at June 1, 2020

Waterproofing (phase 2) is being completed. 90% of the lights have been reinstalled. Contractor will be working on the other half of garage entrance.

North Garage Restoration update as at May 18, 2020

The bulk of the chipping has now been completed. Most of what is remaining is coating, painting and reinstalling lights.

Due to COVID-19 protocols and the change in hours, the project has been delayed by a few weeks. It should be completed by approximately the third week of June, 2020.

North Garage Restoration update as at January 29, 2020

As soon as some back-ordered parts (expected for the first week in February) have arrived, repairs to the garage door will commence.

Shoring (support work) on the ramp will take place for approximately 7 days in early to mid-February.

Garage Restoration update as at March 18, 2019

North Garage status update at March 2019

The tendering process is complete, and a successful bidder selected. Currently the contract is being drafted. Restoration is still scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019 and to be completed in 2019.

Our Engineer is assessing the risk of not completing the remaining work from the South Garage restoration this year. The results will determine if this work is completed this year or next.

South garage status update at March 2019

Bank-Strox was terminated in August 2018. They were paid in full for the work done, including all holdbacks. Our counsel advised counsel for Bank-Strox that we had agreed to the work that was complete, so no release would be signed and that we would proceed on our own to get the remaining work done.

Since the completion of the garage project 4 warranty issues arose. The Board made a claim for those 4 warranty issues in 2018 through the consultant on the project, B & B Engineering, and requested repairs by the Contractor, Bank-Strox.

The outstanding work listed below in the status update of March 17, 2018 was never completed by Bank-Strox.


- P1 Floor Slab: Concrete Repairs remaining only at drive isle area in front of ramp

- P1 Floor Slab: Waterproofing Repairs remaining only at drive isle area in front of ramp


- P1 Floor Slab: Concrete Repairs remaining at drive isle area at top of P2 ramp

- P1 Floor Slab: Waterproofing Repairs remaining at drive isle area at top of P2 ramp

- Garage Roof Slab: Concrete Repairs remaining at top of garage access ramp.

- Garage Roof Slab: Waterproofing repairs remaining at top of garage access ramp.

The Garage Roof Slab waterproofing replacement and localized concrete repairs in the area at the top of the ramp

Bonica Restoration Ltd completed the following (see diagram status update March 17, 2018)

· Re-Instate concrete to common room in front of building

· Install new concrete pedestal

· Re-Instate concrete sidewalk and curb to match original layouts

· Addition work - Repaired damage to concrete pedestals. The bases were not protected over the 2017/18 winter resulting in 2 damaged bases from the snow plow. Three were damaged over the 2018/19 winter, one that had been repaired and two of the new ones.

Any costs to repair the damage to the lighting pedestals damaged by the winter snow plow will be charged back to LandVision contracted by the CFRC (Common Facilities Recreation Centre).

The consulting engineer provided the following very brief summary of the additional work completed to date as part of the garage repair project from 2014 to 2017 in relation to the increased project costs.

· The intent of this garage repair project was to complete general roof slab repairs and waterproofing, along with localized repairs of the P1 floor slab to address areas of visually evident concrete deterioration, with full-scale P1 slab repairs budgeted for in the future.

· During the first phase of the project the garage roof slab was exposed and found to be significantly deteriorated below the landscaped areas, which are not generally expected as these areas are not exposed to de-icing chemicals. Deterioration of subsurface waterproofing materials on garage roof slabs used to prevent water and salt ingress into a garage structure tends to be more progressive beneath paved areas due to exposure to the more severe conditions. It is likely that salt was mixed into the concrete at the time of placing during winter construction leading to the deterioration below the landscaped areas.

· Most of the increases in concrete repair costs are associated with the transformation of P1 floor slab repairs from local to general. The intent of the original scope of work was to complete localized repairs of the P1 floor slab to address areas of visually evident concrete deterioration. Further to related discussion and presentation of various scenarios the Board requested to proceed with more of the concrete repairs to take place now to address areas of significant deterioration exposed during construction, recognizing this would mean less repairs required later and repeated disruption to residents etc.

· With the decision to proceed with more generalized concrete repairs to the P1 slab, a holistic approach was adopted towards the repair project to provide a fully restored parking garage within the Work Areas with complete replacement of the P1 slab waterproofing membrane, new garage lighting and new garage painting, leading to increased project costs, again which were budgeted for in future but done with this project.

Garage Status Report March 17, 2018

The diagrams below show the work remaining of the garage restoration project. This work was to commence no later March 19th, 2018 but we have been unable to get any confirmation that the Contractor will return.

GARAGE UPDATE - January 31, 2018

New spring dates for the completion of the garage project were agreed on with 1515 and the Engineer to enable coordination of two projects at 1515 and 1535 Lakeshore Road East. Our garage work must be completed by June 1, 2018 to enable 1515 to start their garage repairs. These are the details:

1) 1515 needs 7-10 days to finish repairs on their North-East wall that began last year but was not finished. Weather permitting, according to their contractual commitment, they propose to start those repairs first in very late February or early March (most likely early March). Once those repairs are completed, the fence in front of their building will be moved to the North side for the repairs of the North wall. Those repairs do not effect our garage project. That gives us a chance to start working on the remaining portion of our garage project.

2) Bank Strox returns middle of March to commence repairs on the top portion of Roof Slab in front of our ramp; closes the ramp; provides temporary access ramp to visitor parking of 1515 by removing short black, rod iron fence and safely stores it somewhere on our property. Once our ramp is closed ALL vehicles of 1535 will access our garage through 1515 ramp. The contractor will immediately work to repair small area of P1 floor Slab at the bottom of the ramp before waterproofing it. The work on top and P1 will be done at the same time. As soon as that area is completed and waterproofed the ramp will be open to allow vehicles on P1 access to their spots. P2 will still access through 1515 and small access door on P2 level.

Garage Construction Update at December 5, 2017.

The Contractor is aiming to have all of this work complete and area opened up by the end of next week, weather permitting (December 15, 2017).

As the P1 and P2 parking levels are 95% complete please move your vehicles to the underground parking if your space is available.

Preparation of the P1 slab is in progress for the waterproofing installation in the ‘Optional’ Work Area (minus the drive isle at the bottom of the exterior ramp), at the two parking bays near the top of the P1/P2 ramp, and at the parking bays located east of the recreation center entrance. Routing of the cracks and crack treatment was progressing in a generally satisfactory manner, where checked, in accordance with our previous comments. The slab has been cleaned by abrasive blasting in these areas. The Contractor informed the waterproofing membrane installation in these areas will be complete by middle of next week. Painting of the P2 level below the ‘Optional’ Work Area is to be completed next week after the waterproofing installation is complete.

Painting of the P2 level below the Phase 2 and Phase 3 areas is complete.

Installation of the formwork for the curb and sidewalk was in progress at the garage roof slab. Work appeared to be progressing in a generally satisfactory manner, where checked. The Contractor informed they are scheduling to pour the new curb and sidewalk next week, weather permitting.

Removal of the fencing and installation of subgrade material was in progress at the driveway area, as requested.

Any remaining areas of waterproofing replacement (and concrete repairs) will be completed in the Spring. This includes the garage roof slab area at the top of the exterior ramp, the P1 slab drive isle at the bottom of the exterior ramp, the P1 slab drive isle at the top of the P1/P2 ramp, and any additionally approved work at the north half of the parking garage.

Parking spot 127 at the P1 level. The garage roof slab has not been repaired above this parking spot. This is under the area which is to be completed in the spring at the top of the ramp.

Construction Schedule Updated October 16, 2017 as provided by the Contractor

The next two weeks are listed in more detail. Based on the schedule below the projected completion date has gone from mid-November to December 1st, weather permitting. The Project Manager has asked the Contractor to increase manpower to expedite the work, particularly at the garage roof slab which is more weather dependent. The Contractor has agreed they will be increasing manpower this week. Please note all dates are weather permitting.

Garage Roof Slab

Monday (Oct 16th) - Wednesday (Oct 18th): Lay base for sidewalks and form the sidewalks

Thursday (Oct 19th): Pour the concrete sidewalks

Friday (Oct 20th): Place asphalt

Monday (Oct 23rd) – Friday (Oct 27th): Place soil and other over burden materials.

Oct. 30 – Nov. 10 – Preparation & waterproofing of the area below the current temporary pedestrian walkway. This walkway will be removed and pedestrians will be redirected to the front completed area.

Nov. 13 – Nov. 24 – Concrete repairs, prep, and waterproofing of the garage roof slab at the top of the ramp area. This will be the last area to be done. Ramp will be closed. Access required through 1515 Lakeshore garage. The last portion of railing at the 1515 Lakeshore visitor’s parking lot will be removed and a temporary ramp will be created to allow access to their visitor’s parking lot.

Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 – Installation of top layer of asphalt at entire paved area.

P1 Level

Monday (Oct 16th) – Tuesday (Oct 17th): Shot blasting of P1 Slab

Wednesday (Oct 18th) – Friday (Oct 20th): Repair exposed cracks in slab

Monday (Oct 23rd): Start base coat waterproofing (depending on the extent of cracks on the slab, if there are a significant amount then we may need longer to repair the cracks).

Oct. 23 – Oct. 27 Waterproofing P1 floor slab

P2 Level

Oct. 30 – Nov. 10 – Cleaning and painting at the P2 level. All vehicles from Phase 2 and Phase 3 areas at the P2 level to be moved up to the P1 level as it will be complete.

Optional Work Area

Nov. 13 – Nov. 24 – Cleaning and painting at the P1/P2 levels and waterproofing membrane installation at the P1 floor slab.

Notice to residents: Please do not harass the construction workers working on the garage project. If you have an issue or concern, please speak with management or a board member.

Construction Update October 2, 2017

The Project Completion date on October 2, 2017 is November 17 weather permitting

The engineer visited the site on October 2, 2017 and had the following preliminary comments. Please refer to the photos attached.

  • The Contractor was proceeding with the installation of the drainage layer at the landscaped areas at the phase 2 and 3 of the garage roof slab. These areas are to be covered with filter fabric prior to installation of soil and sod. The drains are to be surrounded with additional stone and filter fabric detail to facilitate drainage.

  • The contractor was proceeding with the painting of the parking stall numbers and was proceeding with the removals of the existing waterproofing membrane at the P1 level.

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